MakeLeaps Plan Details

How it Works

Your billing plan is reflected in the number of active users / clients and the options.

Individuals/Small Teams

If you’re using MakeLeaps as a small team of less than 3 people, there’s now just one simple plan for you. We’ve also done away with the old client limits, so your business can smoothly grow whether you service one client or hundreds. In addition, we’re also now giving MakeLeaps Time Tracking to all paying plans at no additional cost.

User Limit 3. You can add up to 10 clients


When your company starts to grow, MakeLeaps can become an indispensable tool to help you coordinate your team. With our advanced workflows and collaboration tools, your whole team can easily keep track of thousands of deals and send documents to all of your customers with ease.

In addition, you’ll now be able to configure exactly the usage level that your business needs, and you’ll be able to select options that you need.


*Pricing Table of adding clients

Number of ClientsCost
1 ~ 10Free
11 ~ 25¥80 per client
26 ~100¥70 per client
101 ~ 500¥60 per client
501 ~ 1,000¥50 per client
+ 1,000*Contact us


  • Rakuten Virtual Account (¥3,000 per month)
  • Custom Domain (¥5,000 per month)
  • OBC Akinai Bugyo App (¥5,000 per month)
  • PCA Shokon App (¥5,000 per month)
  • OBC Kanjo Bugyo App (¥5,000 per month)
  • PCA Kaikei DX App (¥5,000 per month)

Free Plan

Create invoices and quotes with the standard templates.


If you have over 1,000 clients, you can consult with our professional consultants  about how to introduce MakeLeaps to your team and how much it costs to achieve your goal.

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Yearly Payment Discount

If you choose Yearly Payment in the billing page, you get 2 months free per year.

E.g. Organization Plan: 3 Users + 50 Clients + Custom Domain (Options)
Monthly: ¥10,350
Yearly Total: ¥124,200(¥10,350 × 12 months)
Yearly with discount: ¥103,500(save ¥20,700)


NPO Discount

If you’re looking for more information about the discount, please contact us at ( We’ll also be able to help you by chatting with you online. To start a new chat or to continue the existing chat, you can click on the “Chat” icon on the lower right-hand corner of your browser.

MakeLeaps for Salesforce (ML4SF)

You can create and send your MakeLeaps documents within Salesforce.
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Optional Service (Introduction Setup)

  • Concierge Onboarding Support: Silver
    • Half Day of Training conducted by a MakeLeaps on-boarding expert
    • Free Import of All Client Data
  • Concierge Onboarding Support: Gold
    • Full Day of Training conducted by a MakeLeaps on-boarding expert
    • Free Import of All Client Data

Mail Points

Sending by Post costs ¥160 yen per envelope, including the stamp fee and sales tax.


Payment Method

  • For Individual Plan Users:  Credit Card only
  • For Organization Plan Users: Credit Card, Bank Transfer 

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