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Message from the CEO


Today we are extremely excited to announce that MakeLeaps is joining the Ricoh family. Ricoh, as a Japanese multinational document management and printing company, is the best possible partner we could have imagined for a cloud document management platform like MakeLeaps.

MakeLeaps was founded on the idea of allowing people at companies to do the most meaningful, impactful work possible, and we were thrilled to discover that Ricoh shares these ideas, and humbled to learn that Ricoh were keen to support us in achieving this vision on a much grander scale.

Most excitingly, this partnership benefits our current and future customers in a variety of ways. Functionality and partnerships we’ve been unable to build due to lack of resources are now possible with this additional support.

For existing MakeLeaps customers, everything is the same as before. There are no planned billing changes. Your private information is handled in exactly the same way as before. The only difference is we now have significantly more resources to provide you with even higher levels of service.

In summary, we’re extremely excited for the future, and we’d like to take a moment to personally thank each and every customer and partner who has given us the honour of working with them.

We look forward to serving you and providing the best possible experience we can for you and your business over the coming years.

Thank you,

Jay Winder
MakeLeaps CEO

MakeLeaps Corporation Company Profile
MakeLeaps Corporation
CEO Jay Winder
YK Nakameguro Building 2F
3-1-5, Nakameguro, Meguro-ku
Tokyo 153-0061

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