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MakeLeaps Corporation

July 2014

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October 2011

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Online invoicing software for freelancers and small/medium sized businesses in Japan


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Information about MakeLeaps

MakeLeaps is an online quoting and invoicing tool for freelancers and small/medium sized businesses in Japan.

MakeLeaps started as a product line of Webnet IT K.K in 2011, currently run by MakeLeaps Corporation since 2014. The company has 10 staff members working from their Tokyo office, with several more from all over the world. MakeLeaps has users in every corner of Japan, helping thousands of businesses with quotes and invoices.

Even though the co-founders are foreigners, MakeLeaps was developed inside Japan purely for businesses in Japan. Both of the co-founders have strong ties to Japan. Jay Winder came over in 2001 to study martial arts before freelancing in 2002, and starting a business in 2003. Paul Oswald has been visiting Japan for years with his Japanese wife before finally moving here in 2010 to work on MakeLeaps.

MakeLeaps follows the Lean Startup Methodology, popularised by by Eric Ries of Lean Startup who recently toured Japan. This means that instead of working for a long time in isolation on a product before unveiling, you release your “Minimum Viable Product” as quickly as possible to get immediate feedback from your potential users.

This kaizen based methodology interesting came from Eric Ries’s observation and inspiration from Toyota’s Taiichi Ohno, and is now followed by companies both in Japan and all around the world.

The MakeLeaps vision

  1. To unlock the potential of freelancers and businesses in Japan with MakeLeaps; clean, powerful, easy-to-use software that provides a dramatic improvement to back-office speed, accuracy and operations.
  2. To boost Japan’s economy through the increased efficiency and productivity of businesses using MakeLeaps.


Please check out our pricing detail page.
Anyone in any plan can send an invoice by Japan Post for ¥160.

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