Manage Invoices. Save Time. Save Money. Get Paid.

Billing in the cloud for your business

  • Invoice Manager

    Invoice Manager

    Guarantees you'll never miss sending another invoice, while eliminating mistakes.

  • Line Item Manager

    Line Item Manager

    Instantly see all your products and profits through one easy to use, intuitive interface.

  • Send By Post

    Send By Post

    Outsource manual invoice sending for only ¥199 per document.

  • Export to Excel and CSV

    Export to Excel and CSV

    Export all your billing and client information at any time.

  • ML Payments

    ML Payments

    Begin accepting credit cards today, and receive payments in 5-10 days, for only 3.6%

  • Time Tracking

    Time Tracking New

    Track your time, view reports and create Timesheets

  • World Class Support

    World Class Support

    Our professional team of trained bilingual support staff responds by live chat, phone or email.

  • Salesforce Integration

    Salesforce Integration New

    Create and send your MakeLeaps documents within Salesforce.

  • Document Approval & Access Control

    Document Approval & Access Control

    Approve documents and manage access of your team members.

  • Try All Features for Free for 30 Days

    Starting at ¥1,780/month after free trial

Used by a large number of businesses, including:


  • Japan Management Consulting

    JMC K.K. , Japan Management Consulting, is both a management consulting firm and bilingual accounting, payroll services firm that can provide a one stop services for foreign companies who wish to enter or develop in the Japanese market. Eric Perraudin, President of JMC, comes from PricewaterhouseCoopers and has 18 years management experience in Japan.


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