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Get a visual on your billing

  • Create and manage your quotes and invoices in the cloud
  • Manage and visualize payment schedules for invoices and payments
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Reduce your workload by up to 80%!

  • Send documents with one click - for Japan, even through the post: Stamped, Addressed and Mailed
  • Our machine learning algorithm automates sending & payment management
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Communication shouldn't be a headache. Collaborate on documents and billing instantly across departments

  • Improve business flows through document collaboration
  • Request manager approval on documents all through the cloud, reducing turnaround time for your company
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MakeLeaps is your one-stop solution for all your invoicing and billing issues

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customise approval flows per document type?

You can customise approval flow per document and access rights per team member.
That way, a manager can review and approve a document before it is sent out, preventing to send out incorrect information to a customer.

Is there a way to customise access rights of team members?

Administrators can customise rights for anyone on their team to control what users can do with documents such as: create/edit, approve, send, cancel, mark documents as paid, record bankbook entries, etc…
Furthermore, users and data can be divided into groups that can only see their own data. This way teams can focus only on the data that is important to them.

How about managing bank payments? Can I tie payments to invoices?

There are two ways to tie payments to invoices:
One way is to go to our Payment Manager page, tie bank payments to invoice documents, i.e. reconcile. Another way is to go to our Invoices overview page, manually select the invoice(s), edit date of payment, set and reconcile.

*our machine learning feature will learn which invoices were tied to which payments, and gradually improve accuracy of suggesting respective invoices to any bank payment.
*invoices paid via MakeLeaps Payment (credit card payment) will automatically be tied to the respective invoice

Is this available in English language and other currencies?

With MakeLeaps, you can create invoices with all major currencies. You can switch views and document templates between English and Japanese language, as well as create, edit, and send out documents in both languages.

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